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20 Фев 2018
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1 Окт 2019
I dont think that bitcoin holders are particularly interested in a change as long as it is increasing in value, and eventually the backlog issue would be significant enough, overshadowing the goodwill value that has sprinted bitcoin to the stratosphere, and as bitcoin drops, bitcoin cash will surge, recently they have been going opposite ways.

Further the hype I am seeing at the trollbox re BCH is similar to the hype I saw re ETH in spring early summer which propelled it from 20 to 400. Is it the perfect coin? Probably not, but right now it looks the best...
1 Окт 2019
I sweeped my Bitcoin Cash, but I put everything into WAVES. That I believe will be the Ethereum side chain. They just completed testing WAVES-NG Next generation allowing thousands of transactions per minute. When ICOs get released on the WAVES platform they wont choke it like with Ethereum.

Bitcoin Cash is an altcoin. It only pumped with Roger Ver dumped a lot of his massive BTC holdings into BCH because he was pissed that SigWitx2 was cancelled. Block size is not a fix, thats what the Core development team has been attempting to tell everyone including miners that increasing the block size is only a temporary solution. If BCH had the transaction volume that BTC does, they would also have unconfirmed transactions even with an 8MB block size.

When / If BTC core fixes the transaction backlog BCH will drop in value significantly. So I wouldnt put too much into Bitcoin Cash.

Just my humble opinion.